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Abril (The month April, Spring)

Acacia (Honorable)

Adalia (Of the nobility, Noble)

Adana (Created by God)

Adelina (Noble, Kind)

Adelita (Kind or winged; Of the nobility. Noble.)

Adoncia (Sweet)

Adonia (Beautiful woman)

Adoracion (Adoration)

Adriana (Dark)

Agacia (Kind)

Agnes (Pure)

Agueda (Kind)

Aida (Help)

Aidia (Help)

Ainhoa (Reference to the Virgin Mary)

Aintzane (Glorious)

Alameda (Promenade)

Alandra (Protector of mankind)

Alanza (Noble estate, Eager)

Alazne (Miracle)

Alda (Wise, Elder)

Aldene (Wise, Elder)

Aldo (Wise, Elder)

Aldona (Wise, Elder)

Aldonsa (Nice)

Aldonza (Nice)

Alegria (Merry)

Alejandra (Protector of mankind)

Alejandrina (Protector of mankind)

Aleta (Winged)

Aletea (Honest)

Aletia (Honest)

Alfonsa (Noble estate, Eager)

Alfonso (Noble estate, Eager)

Alfreda (Wise counsel)

Alfredo (Wise counsel)

Alicia (Noble, Truth)

Alis (Of the nobility)

Alisa (Of the nobility)

Alita (Noble)

Alma (Geist spirit)

Almira (From Almeira)

Almudena (Reference to the Virgin Mary)

Almunda (Reference to the Virgin Mary)

Alona (Light)

Alondra (Protector of mankind)

Alonsa (Ready, Noble)

Alta (High, A reference to the high grace of Jesus' mother Mary)

Altagracia (High, A reference to the high grace of Jesus' mother Mary)

Alvarita (Speaker of truth)

Alvera (Speaker of truth)

Amada (Beloved)

Amaia (End)

Amalia (Industrious, Striving)

Amalure (Homeland)

Amanda (Love, Worthy of love, Precious thing)

Amara (Imperishable)

Amaranta (Flower)

Amaris (Child of the moon)

Amarissa (Child of the moon)

Amata (Beloved)

Amor (Love)

Ana (Grace, Favour)

Ana Maria (Grace, Favour)

Analee (Grace, Favour)

Analeigh (Grace, Favour)

Analena (Grace, Favour)

Anarosa (Grace, Favour)

Andeana (Leaving)

Andera (Valiant, Courageous)

Andere (Valiant, Courageous)

Andrea (Valiant, Courageous)

Andria (Valiant, Courageous)

Angela (Angel)

Angelia (Angel)

Angelina (Angel)

Anica (Grace)

Anika (Grace)

Anitia (Grace)

Anjelica (Like an angel)

Anna (Bringer of Peace, Hope)

Antonia (Priceless, Flourishing, Flower)

Antonina (Priceless, Flourishing, Flower)

Anunciacion (Of the Annunciation)

Aquilina (Eagle, Sharp-eyed)

Araceli (Alter of heaven)

Aracelia (Alter of heaven)

Arama (Reference to the Virgin Mary)

Arcadia (Adventurous)

Arcelia (Treasure, Altar of heaven)

Arcilla (Alter of heaven)

Arella (Golden)

Aricela (Alter of heaven)

Ariela (Lion of God)

Armanda (Of the army)

Artemisia (Perfection)

Ascencion (Reference to the Ascension)

Asuncion (Born during the Feast of Assumption)

Atalaya (Guardtower)

Athalia (Guardtower)

Aurelia (Golden)

Aureliana (Golden)

Aurkena (Present)

Aurkene (Presentation)


Bakarne (Solitude)

Beatrisa (Brings happiness)

Beatriz (Happy, Bringer of joy)

Belen (Bethlehem)

Belicia (Devoted to God)

Belinda (Beautiful woman)

Bella (Beautiful)

Belle (Beautiful woman)

Benigna (Kind)

Benita (Blessed)

Bernicia (One who brings victory)

Berta (Bright)

Bibiana (Lively)

Bienvenida (Welcome)

Blanca (White, Shining)

Blandina (Flattering)

Blasa (Stutters)

Blinda (Beautiful woman)

Bonita (Pretty little one)

Brigida (Strong)

Brigidia (Strong)

Brisa (The woman Achilles loved in Homer's Iliad.)

Brisha (The woman Achilles loved in Homer's Iliad.)

Brisia (The woman Achilles loved in Homer's Iliad.)

Brissa (The woman Achilles loved in Homer's Iliad.)

Briza (The woman Achilles loved in Homer's Iliad.)

Buena (Good)


Calandria (Fun)

Calida (Warm, Loving)

Calvina (Bald)

Camila (Attendant)

Candi (Bright, Shining, Clear)

Candida (Pure)

Candie (Bright, Shining, Clear)

Cari (Beloved, Dear, Darling)

Carilla (Strong, Strong-woman)

Carisa (Beloved, Dear, Darling)

Carla (Strong, Strong-woman)

Carleta (Strong, Strong-woman)

Carlita (Strong, Strong-woman)

Carlota (Strong, Strong-woman)

Carmela (Garden)

Carmelita (Garden)

Carmen (Fruit Garden)

Carmencita (Song)

Carmina (Song)

Carmita (Rosy)

Carola (Joy, Song of happiness)

Carona (Crowned)

Carrola (Joy)

Casandra (Protector of mankind)

Casta (Pure)

Catalina (Pure)

Celesta (Heavenly)

Celestina (Heavenly)

Cenobia (Born of Zeus)

Ceri (Lordly, Proud)

Ceria (Lordly, Proud)

Cesara (Long haired)

Chalina (Rose)

Charo (Beautiful)

Chavela (Devoted to God)

Chavelle (Devoted to God)

Chaya (Abbreviation of names ending in -ario)

Chela (Consolation)

Chica (Little girl)

Chiquita (Little girl)

Chrisanna (Bright, Shining, Clear)

Chrisanne (Bright, Shining, Clear)

Chrysann (Bright, Shining, Clear)

Chrysantus (Bright, Shining, Clear)

Cipriana (From Cyprus)

Cira (Lordly, Proud)

Ciri (Lordly, Proud)

Clareta (Brilliant)

Clarinda (Beautiful)

Clarisa (Bright, Shining, Clear)

Claudia (Lame)

Clementina (Merciful)

Clodovea (Famous warrior)

Cochiti (Forgotten)

Coco (Help)

Coleta (Victorious)

Concepcion (Fertile one, Mother)

Concha (Fertile one, Mother)

Concheta (Reference to the Immaculate Conception)

Connie (Fertile one, Mother)

Consolacion (Consolation)

Consolata (Consolation)

Constantia (Constancy, Steadfastness)

Constanza (Constant)

Consuela (Consolation)

Consuelo (Consolation)

Corazana (Heart)

Corazon (Heart)

Crisann (Bright, Shining, Clear)

Crisanna (Bright, Shining, Clear)

Crista (Annointed, Follower of Christ)

Cristina (Annointed, Follower of Christ)

Cristine (Annointed, Follower of Christ)

Cyntia (One of the names of the mythological mood Goddess Artemis)


Dalila (Delicate)

Damita (Little noble)

Dani (God will judge)

Danita (God will judge)

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Daria (Rich)

Deiene (Religious holiday)

Deikun (Religious holiday)

Deina (Religious holiday)

Delcine (Sweet)

Delfina (Dolphin)

Delicia (Charming)

Delma (Of the sea)

Delmar (Of the sea)

Delmara (Of the sea)

Delphia (Dolphin)

Denisa (Of dionysus)

Desideria (Desire)

Destina (Certain fortune, Fate, The mythological Greek god of fate)

Devera (Task)

Dia (Day)

Diega (Supplanter)

Digna (Worthy)

Dina (Vindicated, Judgement)

Dinora (Vindicated, Judgement)

Dionis (God of wine)

Dionisa (God of wine)

Dita (Joyous)

Dolce (Sweet)

Dolores (Sorrows)

Dolorita (Full of sorrows)

Domenica (Of the Lord)

Dominga (Born on Sunday)

Dominica (Of the Lord)

Dona (Lady, Respectful title and female equivalent of Don.)

Dorbeta (Reference to the Virgin Mary)

Dorota (God's gift)

Dorotea (Gift from God)

Doroteia (Gift from God)

Dreena (Protector of mankind)

Drina (Protector of mankind)

Duena (Chaperon)

Dukine (Sweet)

Dukinea (Sweet)

Dulce (Sweet)

Dulcea (Sweet)

Dulcie (Sweet)

Dulcina (Sweet)

Dulcinea (Sweet)

Dulcinia (Sweet)

Dulsie (Sweet)

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Earlena (Shield)

Earlene (Shield)

Earlina (Shield)

Edenia (Pleasure)

Edita (Spoils of war)

Elbertina (Noble)

Eldora (Blond, Gift of the sun)

Eleadora (Gift of the sun)

Eleanora (Shining light)

Eleena (Shining light)

Elena (Shining light)

Eli (Impartial judgement, Close)

Elina (Shining light)

Elisa (Devoted to God)

Elise (Devoted to God)

Eloisa (Renowned warrior)

Elsa (Truth)

Elva (Impartial judgement, Close)

Elvera (Impartial judgement, Close)

Elvie (Impartial judgement, Close)

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Elvira (Impartial judgement, Close)

Elvita (Truth)

Elvyra (Impartial judgement, Close)

Elysa (Devoted to God)

Elyse (Devoted to God)

Ema (Grandmother)

Emerald (Emerald, A bright green gem)

Emesta (Serious)

Emilia (Flattering)

Emilie (Flattering)

Encarnacion (Reference to the Incarnation)

Engracia (Graceful)

Enrica (Rules her household)

Enriqua (Ruler)

Enriqueta (Ruler)

Erendira (Name of a princess)

Erendiria (Name of a princess)

Erlene (Shield)

Erlina (Shield)

Ernesta (Serious, Determined)

Eskama (Merciful)

Eskame (Merciful)

Eskarne (Merciful)

Esma (Emerald, A bright green gem)

Esmaralda (Emerald, A bright green gem)

Esmarelda (Emerald, A bright green gem)

Esme (Emerald, A bright green gem)

Esmeralda (Emerald, A bright green gem)

Esmerelda (Emerald, A bright green gem)

Esmiralda (Emerald, A bright green gem)

Esmirelda (Emerald, A bright green gem)

Esperanza (Hope)

Estebana (Laurel crown, The crown of victory)

Estefana (Laurel crown, The crown of victory)

Estefani (Crown, Wreath)

Estefania (Crown, Wreath)

Estefany (Crown, Wreath)

Estela (Star)

Estelita (Star)

Estella (Star)

Estephanie (Crown, Wreath)

Ester (Star)

Esteva (Laurel crown, The crown of victory)

Estrella (Star)

Estrellita (Star)

Eva (Giver of life)

Evita (Giver of life)

Exaltacion (Lifted up)

Ezmeralda (Emerald, A bright green gem)


Faqueza (Weakness)

Fausta (Lucky)

Faustina (Lucky)

Fe (Trust)

Felicita (Happy, Lucky)

Felicitas (Happy, Lucky)

Felisa (Lucky)

Fermina (Strong)

Filipa (Loves horses)

Flor (Blooming flower, Flourishing)

Florencia (Flowering, Blooming)

Florentina (Blooming)

Florida (Blooming)

Florinia (Blooming)

Florita (Flower)

Fonda (Profound)

Fortuna (Lucky)

Francisca (From France, Free)

Freira (Sister)

Frescura (Freshness)

Fuensanta (A holy fountain)


Gala (From Gaul)

Galena (Small intelligent one)

Galenia (Small intelligent one)

Garabina (Purification)

Garabine (Purification)

Garaitz (Victory)

Garbina (Purification)

Garbine (Purification)

Gaspara (Treasure)

Gechina (Grace)

Generosa (Generous)

Gertrudes (Spear maiden)

Gertrudis (Spear maiden)

Gezana (Reference to the Incarnation)

Gezane (Reference to the Incarnation)

Ginebra (White)

Ginessa (White)

Gitana (Gypsy)

Gizane (Christ's incarnation)

Godalupe (Reference to the Virgin Mary)

Gorane (Holy cross)

Gotzone (Angel, Heavenly messenger)

Gracia (Grace)

Graciana (Grace)

Gregoria (Vigilant)

Guadalupe (Named for the Virgin Mary)

Guillelmina (Resolute protector)

Gustava (Staff of the gods)


Heloise (Renowned warrior)

Henriqua (Rules the home)

Hermelinda (Shield of power)

Herminia (Lady of the earth)

Hermosa (Beautiful)

Honor (Honor)

Honoratas (Honor)

Honoria (Honor)

Hortencia (Garden)


Idoia (Reference to the Virgin Mary)

Idurre (Reference to the Virgin Mary)

Ignacia (Fire)

Igone (Ascension)

Ikerne (Visitation)

Ileanna (Shining light)

Iliana (Shining light)

Iluminada (Illuminated)

Imelda (Powerful fighter)

Immaculada (The Immaculate Conception)

Ines (Pure)

Inez (Pure)

Inga (Sunday)

Inoceneia (Innocent)

Inocenta (Innocent)

Iratze (Reference to the Virgin Mary)

Irene (Peace)

Irune (Reference to the Holy Trinity)

Isabel (Devoted to God)

Isabela (My God is bountiful, God of plenty)

Isabella (Devoted to God)

Isabelle (Devoted to God)

Isidora (Gifted with many ideas)

Isleta (Little Island)

Itsaso (Sea)

Itxaro (Hope)

Ivette (Archer)

Izar (Star)

Izarra (Star)

Izarre (Star)

Izazkun (Reference to the Virgin Mary)

Izzy (Devoted to God)